Brandon Strader is an accomplished musician and composer/arranger from West Virginia. Strader is an active member of numerous online Video Game Music communities such as Dwelling of Duels, the Materia Collective, and up until recently was a regular well-known contributor to OC Remix (with some amazing albums to his name!). Video games are a part of regular life for Strader, and when he's not playing them, or surviving a live action rendition of Five Nights at Freddy's, or he's generally working on music.

(C) Jeff Douglas Photography

Juja is a self taught guitarist who was born and raised in the alps of Utah. Originally known as "Gary Horses," he picked up the guitar as part of a joke one day and found that he enjoyed using it to play songs from video games. Mr. Horse took up the nickname of the "Great Juja" in 1999 and started a Youtube page of the same name. During the summer of '12 Juja expanded his guitar playing talents to include Bass guitar and in 2014 he took voice acting lessons under the training of Professor Layton (well, the voice actor). Juja lives somewhere in the remote deserts of Utah with his wife and 8 cats. When not playing guitar, Juja professionally paints 25mm models, bakes cakes, and plays D&D every week. We're told that his games are awesome!

Careless is an accordion player who was raised on an island in Florida, away from other children. Video games were his friends growing up, and their music had a large influence on his life, ultimately leading to him playing the accordion. Over the years he founded the Video Game band Random Encounter in 2005 but it wasn't until 2009 that Careless developed a passion for recording. Careless has been learning and perfecting his recording abilities ever since, thanks largely to his friendship with Juja. Careless plays monopoly professionally in a small coastal town in Florida, and what little free time Careless has is spent working on his comic book, weekly D&D games, making audio dramas, fencing, going on misadventures with his wife and their dog Eezo, or recording with Juja.

We are Careless Juja

Careless Juja is the combination of the names Careless & Juja. The duo originally met through Youtube, recorded a song together, and subsequently recorded an album in under three weeks. They met in person for the first time while on a month-long VGM tour in 2011. Shortly after, they started regularly competing in the Dwelling of Duels music contest, making cheesy music videos, livestreaming their recording sessions, and becoming friends with Brandon Strader. Somewhere between watching the Hobbit for the 16th time in theaters (no joke) and playing along side They Might be Giants at Nerdapalooza as a 9 person band, they went on tour with their puppet show for Legend of the Boar Knight and released their holiday EP "For Naught Children" as a 12 piece brass band.

The Great JUJA